By Philippa Lee

September 2019

Claims against estates

It is not uncommon to feel let down by the contents of a deceased person’s will, but you might have grounds to challenge it if you are in any of these situations…

• You are the spouse of the deceased person or were in a de facto relationship with them, and you believe that you are entitled to relationship property which was not left to you in their will.

• You are a family member (including estranged family members) of the deceased and you believe that they have breached a moral obligation to provide for you in their will.

• You carried out work for the deceased person during their lifetime and in return for that work, they promised to provide for you in their will, but have not.

• You believe for any reason the will is invalid.

It is important to act promptly if you wish to bring a claim against a will, as there are strict time limits for doing so. Our team will be happy to assess your situation and assist you through the claims process, mediation and any court proceedings